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These are pictures I've taken out and about in Ocean Springs, MS. No pictures are "borrowed" from the web. I have sent some pics in to the local newspaper via e-mail for publication, but all of these photos were TAKEN BY ME PERSONALLY, unless otherwise noted. I've lived in OS all of my life, and these are the first scenes I captured when I returned from Tallahassee, FL after Fleeing Hurricane Katrina. Come back often, as I have over 70 photos, that need to be uploaded!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ahhh....Remembering Our Youthful Days!

Hello to my friends and fellow posters from the Sun Herald forums. I decided to post these pictures for you since it was brought up in one of the posts about the old Amusement Park, and what I refer to as the "Goofy Golf".
I have taken over 80 pictures down Highway 90 between the foot of the Biloxi/Ocean Springs Bridge and DeBuys Road (which is where the Olive Garden and Red Lobster were)! Make sure (that is of course if you want to), to read my story just below regarding my trip down Highway 90. Also of note, is my trip on 9/17 to Bay St. Louis and includes a "Minute by Minute" can do this by looking in the column to the left and clicking on the blog entries there that interest you!


This is what WAS the Emerald Beach hotel...It was just west of the "Hooters" and "Cucos" Restaurant and across the street from the LaLinda Hotel on the Corner of Veterans Blvd and Hwy 90.

Moving Eastward now...these were the businesses next to the Emerald Beach Hotel...The remenants of the "Cucos", the "Hooters" and you can see whats left of the Shell gas station at the corner of Veterans Blvd and 90. Across the street from that Shell would be that Souvenier Shop where you could buy Beach accessories....These photos are all on the South side of the Highway!

Remnants of the Shell Station at the Corner of Highway 90 and Veterans Blvd.

In this picture...still moving can see the outline of the "Wendy's" sign. Next to the Shell station, there was a KFC, and a Taco Bell, then a Wendys...But as you can tell...NOTHING is there!!

How do I say....Same song, different verse! Soooo SAD!!! it is..., this is what I was leading up to. This is WHAT IS LEFT of the old Amusement Park and "Goofy Golf"....So many childhood dreams shattered like the twisted pieces of metal you see in the picture. Even the Dinosaur that was one of the holes at the goofy golf didn't make it....It withstood Camille's terrible winds, but was no match for Katrina.


Blogger smurfhunter said...

This strip along Cucos, Hooters, Wnedy's, etc, was my daily commute for two years by motorcycle.. And it was often a slow unappreiated trek through thick tourist traffic and afternoon thunderstorms.... a commute I've often missed in the eight years since.. and one I know now is lost for good except for these vivid memories.. I had not driven that stretch since the storm.. thanks for sharing this abrupt heartbreaking surrender of our coastal civilization to nature's will through your vivid photos and narration.

10:14 PM  
Blogger Ainsley_Jo_Phillips said...

I'm 55, and I remember that amusement park from way back.

My folks and I would go spend part of our summer vacation in Biloxi, as Uncle Kermit and two elderly cousins, Finn and Lillie, lived there at the time.

We'd all go out to eat somewhere at night (usually, at Popp's Ferry), and we'd head back to their house.

The first time I ever saw that amusement park, I fell in love with it.

One stop there, and I wanted every night to include a stop there.

I had no idea that the grown-ups would be more comfortable doing their visiting in the comfort of home instead of sitting around on park benches.

My folks told me years later how they would try to distract me with something when we went past the park--but they were seldom successful.

The only time that I could care less was when I had a miserable earache from a fungus infection gotten in the motel swimming pool.

Incredibly, the faithful Biloxi Lighthouse has continued to survive!

I'm enjoying your blog a lot.

AJ :-)

8:29 PM  

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