Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina--Pictures, Thoughts and Rants on a Deadly Killer!

These are pictures I've taken out and about in Ocean Springs, MS. No pictures are "borrowed" from the web. I have sent some pics in to the local newspaper via e-mail for publication, but all of these photos were TAKEN BY ME PERSONALLY, unless otherwise noted. I've lived in OS all of my life, and these are the first scenes I captured when I returned from Tallahassee, FL after Fleeing Hurricane Katrina. Come back often, as I have over 70 photos, that need to be uploaded!!!

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Well FINALLY 2006 has come. Today is day 126. Some progress is being made. It's slow but it is steady. I'm just damn glad 2005 is behind us, and I NEVER want to see another year like that.

This past Wednesday, I visted the Isle of Capri Casino. I went to check it out. The date was the 28th and it opened on the 26th. I'm happy to report that I had to wait in line forever to valet park my car. I would have self-parked, but that's a bitch of a hill to climb, and my back just won't let me do it. Anyway, I digress....the casino part is in the Hotel now...just as we knew it would the old ballroom(s).

It's much larger than I expected it to be! I expected just a few slot machines and one or two table games. Oh noooo, not the case. The slots are all new (duh!) and are fun and exciting games. OF COURSE, I just donated my measley $30 bucks to the economy, but hey...what the heck right! It's a pretty place, and I hope to be taking my mom soon. I want to go and visit the New Palace, as it was set to open this past Friday. The Imperial Palace has been open for a few weeks, but my husband works near there, and says that parking is a premium. People are parking on the sides of the road and under the I-110 loop...Not for me. I guess FEMA is still in town and the parking garage is still full! My sister tells me that you can get a spot at 5am near the elevators though! :-)

I'm just glad to see Highway 90 back open. It's good to ride down the beach again...even in the state that it's in. What I DON'T look forward to in 2006 is what I know to be inevitible, and that's a complete REHAB of Highway 90. But I'm full aware that they only did a patch job so that they could get it back open to traffic. The Popps Ferry Bridge is now open here again...a piece of progress!
Now will someone please tell the Mayor of OS to quit raising a ruckus about six laneing the new Biloxi/OS Bridge so we can get that project going!! :x

Seeing as how Black Eyed Peas are supposed to bring good luck...and I ate mine last year, I will be removing them from the menu this year! Who needs that kind of luck in 2006?? Down with Black Eyed Peas! I wish you all a Happy, Healty, Prosperous, Hurricane free 2006.


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