Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina--Pictures, Thoughts and Rants on a Deadly Killer!

These are pictures I've taken out and about in Ocean Springs, MS. No pictures are "borrowed" from the web. I have sent some pics in to the local newspaper via e-mail for publication, but all of these photos were TAKEN BY ME PERSONALLY, unless otherwise noted. I've lived in OS all of my life, and these are the first scenes I captured when I returned from Tallahassee, FL after Fleeing Hurricane Katrina. Come back often, as I have over 70 photos, that need to be uploaded!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

WHO AM I ???

Ramblings and Contemplations of my Heritage

I was born and raised in a small town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. That town is Ocean Springs. I still live there today. Life as we knew it changed drastically on August 29, 2005, no thanks to Hurricane Katrina.

I grew up in the Seafood Industry. When I was growing up, seafood restuarants and seafood processing plants dotted the Biloxi waterfront. Shrimpboats were considered one of the normal modes of transportation, as our families were out on them, just about as much as we were in cars, if not more. Until Monday, August 29, the waterfront could not even be seen in some places because the casino's were so thick. Now that the casino's have all been displaced and moved inland by a huge wall of water, I sit and wonder what will our coastline look like in 5 or 1o years. Personally I feel, and this is just me folks, that the casinos will become land based. Our economy has grown dependant on the resources they provide, yet, with the instability of all of these huge floating barges, most of which are now sitting on land, I think that the Gamining Industry will probably re-think "dockside" gaming. One casino ended up on a hotel..., one in the middle of Highway 90...and so on. But back to my original point....what will our coastline look like in 5 or 10 years....will we be able to see the islands from the East Biloxi Point area again???? Who knows!!! I guess only time will tell.

Though Ocean Springs has three beach areas, Front Beach, East Beach, and Belle Fountain off of St. Andrews area, none of these beaches look as they did the day before the storm, Sunday, August 28....All were hit extrememly hard by that huge wall of water. Some are calling it a Tidal wave, some calling it a Tsunami. I don't know what it was...I just know it was DESTRUCTIVE. I live 1/2 mile up Halstead Road from East Beach near the Gulf Coast Research Lab. Even homes on my street had between 3-5 feet of water. I was one of the lucky ones. My house was dry. I had trees on my house, but not the massive flooding that everyone else had. And of course, the closer you go South toward the beach, the higher the water level was.

I used to say "give me a Hurricane any day over a tornado"....but that saying was nixed with this monster of a storm. I guess at least with a tornado one house can be totally destroyed, and the one right next door can be fine. That's not the case here.

Please if you are a praying soul...pray for the Mississippi Gulf Coast area, Louisianna, and the other areas affected by Hurrican Katrina. I would like to personally thank anyone who has donated ANYTHING to any agency in the way of relief. I'm probably drinking bottle water because of you. Our drinking water has yet to be deemed safe. The outpouring of caring, and love has been tremendous, and means so much to us here. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Hopefully, one day soon, life as we once knew it, nine short days ago will return to some sort of normalacy!


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I am so glad to know you and your family are all ok...your family in texas has been going crazy wondering where and how all of you were was going nuts hoping all were in shelters or had left to stay with others...our love is with you always and if we can help please let us know...nanda and family in texas...aunt shannon is doing better knowing the rest of her family has been found...the web site is great....the pictures are so sad to see...please take care and send my love and thoughts to your family...again love always your cuz from texas...nanda

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